Promoting Peace .....The Angolan Way

The Angolan ambassador to Ghana His Excellency Admiral Augusto Da Silva  has called on fellow African countries to adopt and observe a  peace day in a calendar year.
He made this appeal during a ceremony to present the Humanity Magazine International Award to the Angolan Embassy  in recognition for  his office’s promotion of international relations between Angola and Ghana including programs to benefit the citizenry of Africa.
‘’There is  no beauty of  human spirit   than  joining hands across the political divide and all walks of life  to celebrate a peace day in a country,’’ said by the former Angola  Navy commander  .
 “My country has a long a long way to go, but  the continued  observation of Angola Peace Day on every April  4, has brought a huge impact of peace and stability in my country. ‘’
He added “Today, I would like to use this  platform to urge  my  fellow dear African countries to pick such a day and do it in the Angolan way  to celebrate and create   the   awareness of peace,” According to the ambassador, the program have awesomely  worked in Angola and gained international attention ,  and believes it will ensure   a  violence free Africa,” he added.
Mr. Cunha  before endorsing the Humanity Peace Jersey to promote unity among politicians before, during and after elections in Africa,    praised  Ghana for their democratic credentials saying, “ Ghana has always been a shining example of peace and stability on the continent.”

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