Program Overview

The football For Humanity is a social Programme of Promoting Peace And Political Unity Before, During And After Elections In Africa, Through The Beautiful Game Of Football For Violence Free Elections.
The Project Includes Coordinating and Observing for Free And Fair Elections, Sensitization, Documentaries, Awards And Peace Cups With Event Proceeds Channeled To Our Girl-Child Projects Across The Continent.
The Organization Have Been Active towards Ending Political Vigilantism Which is Gradually Eating into the Fabric of the Zongo-Muslim Communities and Youth of Ghana.
OUR MISSION-To Ensure Violent-Free Elections For The Entire Continent.
OUR VISION-To Make the Region a Model of Stability
West African countries notably Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory coast. Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, The Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo are to benefit from the peace campaign with the mission of extending to all parts of Africa.
Election-related violence has been a growing trend in African countries since the emergence of democracy in the continent in the early 1990s. It has led to many deaths and displacement of humankind. In Kenya, Ivory coast, Nigeria etc. Most of the elections held in Africa have been characterized by sporadic or prolonged violence and thousands of people have been killed and properties destroyed in countries like Sudan, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Gambia, Rwanda, Ghana, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Burundi, The Democratic Republic of Congo and others. Women and children are among the worst victims of war and violence resulting from election disturbunces.
This observable but unfortunate trend is a pitfall to the survival of democracy and human security on the continent.
To prevent the menace, there is an urgent need to organize programmes that would unite and bring the country together, towards general elections such as the organization of peace and unity cup games and sensitization programmes.
Modalities and Sensitization
Before elections, the organizations will make available the Humanity Peace jerseys for political opponents and stakeholders to endorse and pledge for peace. This is to develop the public interest and interactions about the importance of unity towards one-nation before the peace match, backed by sensitization programmes with the aid of local media, to educate the public particularly the youth about the dangers of war and the need to stay away from all forms of violence.
More importantly, to conscientize the policy makers towards job creation to absorb the unemployed youth.
Organization of public forum and seminars involving stakeholders for peace and education against volatile speeches by political communicators.
Why start the Peace Campaign In Ghana?
Ghana has no doubt gained the reputation as the oasis of peace and stability through its smooth democratic transitions. The observable trend of political vigilantism where the youth take the law into their own hands in order to protect or advance their interest has been a pitfall to Ghana’s cherished democracy. Political vigilante groups have been used for violent protests, property destructions, intimidating voters, mounting roadblocks to prevent “outsiders” from observing polls, invading public premises, threats or assault their opponents, assassinate opponents etc. And it’s evidently clear that, the structure and embodiment of these vigilante groups are mainly from the poor muslim-Zongo communities within the urban cities in Ghana.
The emergence of the incumbent group like Boko Haram in Nigeria can be traced from such vigilantism groups and therefore the need for an international swift action to join the campaign of ending any form of violence within the spheres of our politics, before it generates to other forms of extremism.
Why football for such purpose?
It is an understatement so say the least that soccer is passionate and loved by all youth under the sun. it has a uniqueness when it comes to peace and unity.
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