how can i volunteer

Volunteer your skills,time and commitment to promote political unity before and after elections in Africa.
Why Help Us:
You will help bring the gift of peace to our sub region, you will find the satisfaction and self fulfilment that comes from promoting political unity. During your stay, your will live with an African family and have the opportunity to learn and share the culturally fulfilling African experince in Ghana, Co’te d’ivoire,Togo,Burkina Faso,Benin,Cameroon,Cape Verde,Chad,Equatorial Guinea,The Gambia,Guinea-Bissau,Liberia,Mali,Mauritania,Niger,Nigeria,Senegal,Sierra Leone including east-west,North and South Africa.
What Skills Do We Need?
We belive there are no better skills than dedication to work. However your skills in human relations,journalism etc will be appreciated.
When Can You Help Us?

We will welcome your help and enthusiasim at any time of the year.

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