Zongo holds its destinies in it own hands and we are our own agents of change, which starts with this: “NO-TO-VIGILANTISM PEACE MATCH”- Alhaji Dr. Mahmudu Bawumia,the Vice President of Ghana

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Your Royal Highness, the National Imam, Sheikh Dr. Osman Sharubutu, Your Highness, The Chief of the Zongo Community, the various youth leaders present, all dignitaries observed, the media, ladies and gentlemen.
I bring you warm and hearty felicitations from the office of the Vice President of the republic of Ghana, His Excellence Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia.
Indeed, I deem it a singular honor and privilege to be part of this rare but extremely wonderful event and I dare say that, it is fervent prayer that this will not be last of its kind, but certainly the beginning of countless series of such peace stimulating events.
It is instructive to note that vigilantism has become the bane of underdevelopment on our Zongo communities and, as such, the sense of wisdom with which you recognized the need to start organized such anti-vigilantism events is worth commendation. I therefore say congratulations to the Zongo youths involved I the organization of this honorable event.
Let me also use this opportunity to state that, as part of the government’s commitment to ensure development in our Zongo communities, a special ministry and a virgin Zongo secretariat, namely; THE MINISTRY FOR ZONGO DEVELOPMENT AND ZONGO DEVELOPMET FUND SECREATARIANT, respectively, have been established. These institutions are be dedicated to infrastructural and human resource development in these communities among others. It is therefore a huge opportunity for you to take advantage of the limitless benefits that come with these life impacting initiative of government.
Peace is a priceless commodity and I respectfully expect each of us to guard and upload it jealously in high esteem, for it is the foundation upon which developed can be achieved. This is therefore the best time to rise in earnest against all forms of political vigilantism and rater focus fully on career prospects that can guarantee your future. This event should not be used as a mere charade for peace and anti-vigilantism show, but one that comes with an honest and sincere commitment and fidelity to this course, so that our Zongo communities shall be defined by decency and maturity in our participations in both political and non-political events.
Similarly, this event should guide you to appreciate the fact that, it offers you an opportunity to think of forming regularly football teams and academies. And on this score, I can assure you that the MINISTRY FOR ZONGO DEVELOPMENT AND ZONGO DEVELOPMET FUND SECREATARIANT, will gladly support you, once you have a comprehensive and workable proposal.
Again, this event should be seen as an opportunity to take our Islamic and Western education seriously. It is obvious that education is extremely crucial for national development and we must therefore seek knowledge and wisdom in order to be part of this development agenda. There are huge potentials in our Zongo communities which must be used positively to our own advantage through education, business and football development.
I urge you not allow yourselves to be used as tools for political vigilantism or violence in any way possible, but rather, take advantage of the wonderful initiatives of government to become against of development.
Let us remember that no one can change our circumstances for the better. Zongo  holds its  destinies in it own hands and we are our own agents of change, which starts with this: “NO-TO-VIGILANTISM PEACE MATCH”- Alhaji Dr. Mahmudu Bawumia
Thank You. 
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